iOS Development with Swift 3

Binding Data to Views using RxSwift

This post is a tutorial that will teach you how to bind data to views using RxSwift, which is a part of the Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) design pattern — where views react to changes to data. FRP is not MVC. These design patterns are distinct from each other. Unless you have a good reason to use both in a single project, I suggest that you be consistent in your architectural pattern — stick to just one!

As a reminder, Model View Controller (MVC), consists of having a View Controller be a “middleman” between a Data Model and the View on screen.

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Product Development

Have an idea for a project? Read this first.

As a software developer, I try to create products that solve meaningful problems. I believe that to solve any problem, you must first understand it. Then, identify and solve its root cause, not its symptoms.

A common mistake that I’ve made is having the assumption that my experience of the problem represents the problem in its entirety. This led me to create a product from my own bias and with my own assumptions about reality.

Who we are seeps into what we create. However, we have control over how much bias is ingrained our products.

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