iOS Development with Swift 3

Binding Data to Views Using RxSwift

This post is a tutorial that will teach you how to bind data to views using RxSwift, which is a part of the Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) design pattern — where views react to changes to data. FRP is not MVC. These design patterns are distinct from each other. Unless you have a good reason to use both in a single project, I suggest that you be consistent in your architectural pattern — stick to just one!

As a reminder, Model View Controller (MVC), consists of having a View Controller be a “middleman” between a Data Model and the View on screen.

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iOS App Life Cycle

What happens when a user clicks on an app to launch it? How does tapping on an icon from the home screen actually get to my code running in a ViewController?

Why is it useful to know what the App Life Cycle is? Well, when you know how a tool is working underneath the hood, you're able to make informed decisions about how to best use it!

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